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Data Integrity Consulting Services

Our data integration and integrity consulting services help your company create confidence in your data through disciplined processes that influence data quality. We help you establish reliability policies including practical testing and audit procedures, ensuring data accuracy, completeness, validity and consistency. The benefit is proven data integrity where it counts most.

Service Overview

Evaluate the risks and consequences of insufficient data reliability
Review policy and controls for processes that influence data
Add transparency to the integration development process
Evaluate the data integration and transformation paths
Perform data integrity health check
Prepare a workable strategy for ongoing data integrity
Cultivate a workable process improvement behavior

When to Use MG Harney's Services

Before any information is merged or joined from different systems
When there is no ongoing integrity monitoring or audit process
When systems are replaced or significantly upgraded
When data is touched by teams from different organizations
When critical data defects are too frequent
When data is regulated or reportable to other entities
When data trust and confidence is paramount
Before the damage is done