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Data Testing

Data Testing Services

MG Harney provides complete services that enable our clients with professional data and ETL testing capabilities. We bring measurable benefits that mitigate risks, increase data integrity and reduce costs.  Our test practices focus on data accuracy, completeness, validity and consistency.

Our approach is built on a strong discipline using experts in data and testing. Our processes are tightly joined with development, use model-based testing and empower our teams with tools specifically designed for data testing and automation. Through MG Harney's approach, we quickly shift your testers' activities to more productive design and execution efforts.

Data Testing Benefits:

Business Benefits

Improve customer trust and confidence by increasing data integrity
Reduce risks and costs associated with data failure
Reduce project costs with more effective test solutions
Detect issues sooner when correction costs are lower

Project Benefits

Provide test capabilities that meet project schedules
Provide full metrics collection and performance measures
Attain integrated testing and development teams
Increase productivity with repeatable processes
Replace error-prone checks with valid data tests

Test Benefits

Achieve higher standard of quality and professionalism
Reduce time between test planning and execution
Increase design and execution productivity
Reduce test complexity
Increase test coverage and data case permutations
Support reuse and repeatability
Replace manual data and ETL testing with automation