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Our Approach

Our Approach

MG Harney's comprehensive test approach reaches across the disciplines throughout the lifecycle. With effective data testing, we connect your business, management, development, testing and process engineering activities, creating unified data testing.

Our approach emphasizes the five keys for data quality: Accurate Planning, Strong Process, Empowered Teams, Reliable Testing and Effective Management. Through attention to each of these key areas, you receive an effective test approach designed for success from the ground up.

Accurate Planning

Defined data risks and quality objectives
Multifaceted data and environment evaluation
Effective regression strategy for ongoing integrity
Plans and schedules with proven activity models

Strong Process

Requirement and quality objective based testing
Flexible workflow model adapted to the environment
Supportive collaboration points throughout the project
Continuous improvement at every step in the process

Empowered Team

Experts in data systems and quality assurance processes
Experienced in data integration and validation
Equipped with effective test and analysis tools
Attitude of Never lose sight of the objectives

Reliable Testing

Model-based designs
Comprehensive data cases
Repeatable results through automation

Effective Management

Strong leadership with strict accountability
Continuous product quality state and status reports
Connected people, process and activities