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Cost of Bad Data

What’s the cost of bad data and transformation errors?

Plenty. Data transformation errors are one of the most dangerous, worst-case scenarios in the enterprise information age. It is a twofold problem. Without human intervention, transformation errors affect millions of records in mere seconds.  They are sometimes nearly invisible, delaying discovery until the problem becomes even more difficult to correct.  

The cost for data transformation errors is multifaceted and always understated. Often the estimated cost for data errors is off by entire scales of magnitude. The traditional $1-$10-$100 rule, which is frequently quoted, is inadequate and diverts attention from the real impact to business.  

There is the direct operational impact that hampers business decisions and customer interaction. There is the cost for immediate and near-term repairs. Sales and customer service are impacted. There may be serious market share implications which will drive marketing costs. And when you cannot trust your data, the integrity and longevity of the system is compromised resulting in higher long-term costs as systems are prematurely replaced or overhauled.