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             Integrated Data
            Test Automation

Introspect Data Testing tool is MG Harney’s complete suite of testing tools and utilities used by our professional staff. These exclusive tools based on an open and reusable .Net architecture empower our teams to develop repeatable and cost effective data tests suitable for any environment.

With Introspect, teams perform a range of data analysis, integration tests and even live monitoring for ongoing data integrity verification. Introspect is also an invaluable tool for testing and troubleshooting non-data integration applications with complex data structures.





 Model based test designs

 Full test data management

 Cross platform queries

 ETL integration

 Full library of data checks

 Extendable functions

 Open architecture

 Query Designer

 Complete script editor

 Integrates with most test managers on the market 

Test databases, triggers, stored procedures, schedulers, error processing, ETL and custom data integration applications