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Training & Team Building

The core philosophy of MG Harney is to give you the ability to validate and test data yourself. So, we created a range of professional classes and skill building workshops based on the essential skills necessary to be effective in the planning, design and execution of data testing. We offer different team-building approaches including seminars and traditional classes, as well as specialized productivity workshops to help your team hit the ground running.

Not all needs are alike, so MG Harney constructs education and training programs to meet your goals.

Productive Team Workshops

MG Harney developed a workshop approach specifically adapted to the teamís project objectives. Through these workshops, the team receives the benefits of skills training while jumpstarting work on their deliverables. Working with you, we establish specific project objectives and training goals then align our workshop to meet your needs. Workshops focus on specific project deliverables while building team skills.

bullet In-House Data Reliability Assessments
bullet Data Test Planning and Management
bullet Designing Data Tests with UML Models
bullet Skills Development Ė Special Topics

You select Special Topics based on your own teamís training needs. Topics can include test designs, data analysis & checks, modeling and automation.

Management Seminar Series

The Management Seminar Series are professional seminars designed to help management understand the dangers of data integrity and the need for an applied test approach. Through this series, testing and QA managers learn how to approach and successfully implement data testing methods within their organizations. These seminars are typically 1 to 2 days and offered in both public and private venues.

bullet Data and Integration Technology Summary for Testers
bullet Creating the Cornerstone for Data Integrity
bullet Data Test Management Process
bullet Model-Based Data Testing
bullet Automation Strategies

Skill Building Classes

Skill building classes are a cost effective resource for public, semi-private and in-house training.  Classes improve data integration testing skills, covering primary skills and information for effective data testing. Class sizes are small to create a connection between the materials and your specific circumstances.

bullet Data Reliability Assessments
bullet Data Test Planning and Management
bullet Designing Data Tests with UML Models
bullet SQL, Data Modeling and Analysis for Testers

Onsite/Offsite Productive Team Workshops

Get your team working on deliverables now!

MG Harney offers several ready-to-go and custom onsite (or offsite) workshops designed to help testing teams complete deliverables while learning professional data testing skills. Each workshop is tailored to the teamís goals and balances classroom training with work on project deliverables.

Data Integration Pre-Launch Assessment for Testing

Integration projects and test teams assess their data testing requirements and abilities and then develop effective a data quality validation roadmap.

Management Planning for Data Testing

Project Managers, Data Stewards and QA/Test managers overcome planning challenges through complete plan development that focuses on a sound data testing approach.

 Data Testing Implementation Launch

The entire testing team gets involved in learning how to design and execute tests with technical skills needed to validate data in terms of accuracy, completeness and consistency.

 Custom Workshops and Special Topics

Workshops can custom designed and tailored to any need.

 Cost, Schedules and Facilities

Workshop costs are based on number of team size and number of training blocks. Schedules are based on team needs. Workshops can be taught onsite or offsite locally based on what is most effective for the team. Contact our Training Manager for more details.