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Automation: the Cornerstone

Automation: The Cornerstone of Ongoing Data Integrity

Unfortunately, data integration processes are the easiest of all programs to alter without knowledge of the organization or involvement of QA. Changes can happen from any subsystem or developer that touches data without oversight.  This creates hidden dangers to data integrity. Ongoing testing guards against unexpected changes to data. But manual testing alone will not solve the problem -- only automated testing is practical and effective. Automation enables a measurable capability to continuously validate data integrity.

When it comes to testing data integrity, effective regression is synonymous with automation. The resources required to manually execute long and tedious test scripts are just too great, and the likelihood that changes will occur after testing is just too high. We understand when it is important to automate data testing and what options best fit your needs.  We provide the expertise and capabilities to develop effective regression through automation.

MG Harney's automation solution will become your cornerstone of data integrity.

Automation is Our Difference!

Incorporating automated data testing into a project can be a challenge. Tools and methods are scarce and ill equipped for the job. Automated tools must do more than load and compare static data, which is the total ability for most tools. Data testing needs an array of abilities. Automation tools must work with any ETL or data integration process conceived. Tools have to support the concepts of data flow through the enterprise and perform cross platform analysis with a range of pre-built data checks. Automation needs to support dynamic data cases with full management and design capabilities. Data testing cannot be an afterthought of automation tools. It has to be the singular focus.

MG Harney breaks down the challenge. Our fully-dedicated services and tools are designed just for data testing. We evaluate your need for automation and helps you become more automation-friendly, increasing the benefits from automation. With our exclusive data testing kits, our experts create automated tests suited to your environment and project needs.