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Automation & Scripting

Introspect: Automation & Scripting

Automation without Coding:

In Introspect, scripting is optional and is not required for developing tests. The model designer, test manager, views and data quality checks all integrate to provide complete test capabilities without coding.

The no-code testing ability makes it easy to get initial tests designed and executed quickly. This allows the test team to support upfront checking in the initial iterations while more detailed test designs are created alongside the integration designs.

Automation with Coding:

Though Introspect does not require scripts to develop tests, it uses Microsoft’s VSA (Visual Scripting for Applications) to offer more flexible control over the entire testing process. Testers can attach VSA scripts at each test point, model node or connection line. VSA scripts are useful for tailoring test set up and ETL/integration execution. VSA enables testers to extend existing data tests or create completely new data checkers for unusual situations.

Scripting Features:

bullet Range of management and analysis functions

Can control all testing and reporting functions


Create extendable and reusable functions


Attachable to models, nodes and process lines


Easy to use VB scripting language


Powerful .Net features


Full featured editor with IntelliSense