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Query Developer

Introspect Query Developer

A primary challenge for any data testing is to quickly and easily create reusable views of the source and target systems, implemented in a way free of human errors. Introspect comes with a complete query developer that easily creates error-free SQL based views for any connected data source. Introspectís Query Developer eliminates tedious and error prone SQL development without the need to master complex joins and aggregate functions.

Saved Views:

During testing, Introspect's views create a snapshot of the data and save it to the test database. Using the Query Developer, testers create views that automatically refresh its data during testing, capturing it for detailed analysis later in the test sequence or archiving it for history.

Cross Platform Support:

With Introspect, a view created in the Query Developer can query other views without regard to the original source of the data. This ability creates a unique cross platform analysis support that is important for data testing.