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Data Checks


Introspect: Library of Data Checks

Introspect comes with a library of data checks and analysis tools. These checks give Introspect the ability to examine data before and after transformation or integration, looking for data failures or deviations from quality standards.

The fully extendable library includes  checks that provide multi-faceted analysis of the data transformations.  The checks range from simple static compares to more critical analysis of associations, flow and tolerance boundaries. The library also includes functions that monitor and validate data stability for state changes over time.

Multi-Step Analysis Processing:

Data test analysis is complex, requiring several iterations of data grooming before analysis can begin. Introspect's workflow models make it easy to create multi-step data processing to simplify setup.



 Static data compares

 Missing/duplicate records

 Record counts

 Summary analysis

 Numerical tolerances

 Data tracing

 Record matching

 Segregate key validations

 Rule boundaries

 Data harmonics/ghosting

 Transaction sequencing

 Stability over time

Custom developed checks and helpers can be added through scripting or .Net.

Full Reporting:

Introspect provides both detailed diagnostic reports and management summaries. Diagnostic reports help testers pinpoint issues and failure while summary reports provide a snapshot of testing status and data quality.