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Open Architecture

Introspectís IDT Open Architecture

Introspect comes ready to use for most data testing needs. To deal with more challenging environments, Introspect is available with access to its open data testing architecture through a development kit called Integrated Data Testing Framework or IDT for short. With the open architecture, testing teams never outgrow Introspect.

Do you need to test additional functionality? Do you need to support a new source of data? Is it helpful to have integration applications with test hooks or harnesses? Do you want integration applications that test their own data?

With access to Introspectís open architecture, simple test harnesses or completely new testing abilities can be created to support any data testing and monitoring need.

Integrated .Net Environment:

IDTís open architecture of Introspect is integrated with the .Net development environment. Using Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005, Introspect can be easily adapted to your integration and data testing needs.

Reusable Components:

Introspectís built-in components include the design modeler, scripting engine, data manager and query developer.  These are independent utilities that can be expanded or customized, adding new capabilities. You can even incorporate these utilities into completely new testing applications.

Accessible Test Objects:

All the test objects for setup, execution and analysis are accessible through the open architecture. Test developers can access data cases, workflow/command executions, data checks and reporting objects. This makes it possible to control every step in the testing process.